Saturday, January 31, 2015

He was a sweet lovable baby boy

The first couple of months I was breastfeeding Dustin and had him to myself the most.  Sisters Ila and Paige, loved holding him and being momma's little aides.  His sleep schedule was from 6pm to 6am the next morning.  When he woke up I picked him up from the crip and would walk to the mirror on the dresser. Then just kiss his cheek over and over telling him I loved him.  Then I would put his cheek to mine and get him to look at himself in the mirror.  Precious moments every morning.  

I was a Sunday School teacher at a small country church, for jr. high teens.  I was close to them and the girls would come and spend the night on Saturday nights and we would get up and go to church together.   The boys came during the day and we gained up and had good times.  They blended in as family too!  Life was great.....

When the summer started every year in June, Ila went to Orlando to spend the summer with her dad's family.  She left and only got to spend two months of Dustins life with him.....

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Life with Dustin

In the beginning everyone was coming to see Dustin.  We had bows and banners on our front door and mailbox proclaiming it's a boy!  The women of my church, whom also some were close friends, gave Dustin a big wonderful baby shower.  He got so many outfits!!  It was wonderful and so much joy in my life.  A wonderful family....two girls and a boy.  A good marriage, not perfect but good. 

I videoed everything.  The tape started out with his ultrasounds and I kept adding.  That video was a treasure.

Ila his older sister went to Orlando for the summer to visit with her dad's family. 
His sister Paige, she was 2 years old, thought he was also a baby doll and not just her brother lol.  I would let her change his diaper and give him his bottle (I breasted for the first 2 months).  She assisted him in his swing and oh she was in Heaven when she pushed him in his stroller.  I let her practice on her brother.  She was having fun.   

To be continued.....