Sunday, December 28, 2014

Telling my story!

The red flag

Dustin was born on Saturday morning, April 15, 1989 the day after his daddy's birthday.  He was my first son after two daughters.  I had my tubes tied also.  It was a joyous fun time.  Enjoyed a few days in the hospital.  The day we were getting ready to leave, his pediatrician said the nurses in the nursery were concerned about whether he had a heart murmur.  His doctor suggested we take home a heart monitor for two months just for safety measures.  I wanted to, but I let my husband make the choice.  He chose not to take home a heart monitor. 

I took it for granted.  The doctor expressed his concern about his heart and suggested precautions that was not "required."  I took for granted I would never lose a child.  So I let my husband choose, meaning I would accept his choice.   He's the leader of our home.  Maybe I trusted God more than taking my baby for granted.  I just had my tubes tied!  I was done.  My family was complete!  We didn't take the heart monitor home....really?  Later it will be a choice regretted. 

To be continued!