Sunday, January 4, 2015

Life with Dustin

In the beginning everyone was coming to see Dustin.  We had bows and banners on our front door and mailbox proclaiming it's a boy!  The women of my church, whom also some were close friends, gave Dustin a big wonderful baby shower.  He got so many outfits!!  It was wonderful and so much joy in my life.  A wonderful family....two girls and a boy.  A good marriage, not perfect but good. 

I videoed everything.  The tape started out with his ultrasounds and I kept adding.  That video was a treasure.

Ila his older sister went to Orlando for the summer to visit with her dad's family. 
His sister Paige, she was 2 years old, thought he was also a baby doll and not just her brother lol.  I would let her change his diaper and give him his bottle (I breasted for the first 2 months).  She assisted him in his swing and oh she was in Heaven when she pushed him in his stroller.  I let her practice on her brother.  She was having fun.   

To be continued.....

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